FIFA21 Gameplay Producer Interview: Weak Foot, Shooting Changes, Dropback & more!

This week your regular host Ben sat down, just before launch, to interview the FIFA21 gameplay producers Kantcho Doskov and Sam Rivera. He put a variety of questions to the pair, including many from listeners:

  • What were the challenges developing the game this year in particular?
  • Will there be more effective playstyles in FIFA21?
  • Will a META always exist in FUT?
  • Is there a push for a more manual FUT?
  • Why would it be good to make the game more manual?
  • Player personality - is it just improved AI?
  • What has been done to counter low depth/drop back?
  • How do you ensure a change isn't too effective?
  • Importance of Weak Foot and tweaks for FIFA21
  • Why Agile Dribbling is more significant than you might think
  • What skills should we learn when we get started?

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