How to Start FUT in FIFA21!

FUT legend AirJapes, trading experts ImADuckQuackk and MattFUTTrading sit down with your host Ben, to discuss their approaches to starting FUT21. They cover the spectrum from the Web/Companion App to proper launch:

  • Taking advantage of ‘pre-console’ FUT
  • SBCs & Objectives
  • Trading
  • Importance of Web/Companion App to ‘RTGs’
  • What player you should bring into your club early 
  • Early Game Access plans
  • Rivals rewards impacts
  • FIFA Points potential
  • Small Value Trading Methods for ‘RTGs’
  • Market Inflation and when to buy/sell players
  • Loads more!

Supporters of the pod keep it going, get double the pod content (for just $3 a month) via Patreon over at Including the longer, an added Q&A on the above topics, covering:

  • How will new elements impact the start of FUT
  • Bronze/silver pack methods
  • Should you wait to play your rivals placement matches
  • Is doing Draft a trap?
  • Most important positions to buy first?
  • What nationality should you choose for your starter pack?
  • OTW Investing
  • Which Rivals rewards should you take?
  • Plenty of trading tips!
  • Much more!

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