Should EA 'do a PES' & skilling in FIFA20 & FIFA21!

In this week’s FUT Weekly Podcast, it might be late July but there is still plenty to talk about (both FIFA20 and FIFA21) Melbourne City Pro Player Marcus Gomes joins your regulars AirJapes and Ben to discuss:

  • How to get shots off in the box vs a packed defence
  • Where do should EA go with skill moves? 
  • Marcus's top skills which pay his bills
  • Ben's favourite fun and effective skill move he's probably told you about lots of times before
  • Gomes starts an RTG (in July!!!)
  • Should EA do a PES and pause the annual FIFA release cycle?
  • Which sides should you have your left and right footed CB on?
  • Summer Heat Pogba reviewed
  • The good, bad and ugly of Summer Heat
  • Best CBs for 3ATB
  • Japes runs 433(2) and seems to like it a lot

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