Ben Yedder, SBC Lucas, Ligue 1 & Winning the Ball #W37

On this week's episode of the FUT Weekly Podcast your regular host Ben, and almost as regular FUT legend, AirJapes are joined by the returning trading and content expert MattFUTTrading to dig into:

  • The Year of the Wissam: one of the most expensive players this year
  • Cyprien SBC and Ligue 1 Roundup
  • The Thinking Man's Ben Yedder
  • Japes reviews the Lucas Moura SBC
  • Premier League return - what will be the impact?
  • What to do vs possession hogging time wasters
  • Why 41212(2) does have its uses
  • Is ping just a myth? What impact does it actually have
  • Loads more!

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  • Ben's TOTSSF Eredivisie revelations: Promes, Van de Beek, Ziyech and Dumfries
  • Looking at the market ahead
  • Where have all the big SBCs gone?
  • Are Prime Icon packs the answer?
  • Enjoying the FUT end-game
  • Matt's 'overpowered' high-depth twist on the the 4231

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