TOTSSF Premier League, Manual FUT & Mad Market

Returning big time YouTuber Andy AJ3, and rare Doctor-YouTuber hybrid ItsJames, join FUT legend & regular AirJapes and your host Ben in this week's episode as TOTSSF is in full swing:

  • Our picks from TOTSSF Premier League
  • TOTSSF Richarlison review
  • TOTSSF Son review
  • Big Market surge incoming?
  • Why smaller players might be better and quicker
  • 'Noob Stomping'
  • Too much competitive focus?
  • Should FUT be made manual?
  • Loads more!

Supporters of the pod keep it going, get the Extra Time podcast and double the pod content (for just $3 a month) here, it includes plenty of gameplay chat:

  • How your shot conversion ratio should look - is it a concern?
  • Why observing your opponents keeper is important
  • Why moving your keeper has become very important
  • How to survive 'squeaky bum time' and close out games
  • Why the 3142 is Japes new favourite
  • Bundesliga baby timing concerns

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