Flashback Hulk Review & Securing the Party Bag

In this preview of the full supporter Week 30, FUT legend and regular AirJapes and San Jose Earthquakes Pro Player CaliCSG get into:  
  • FUT Birthday - best promo so far?
  • Flashback Hulk Review
  • Leaving the party - are you taking a party bag?
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In that full pod:
  • What will happen to First Owner Swaps teams?
  • FUT Birthday to overshadow TOTS?
  • The spiciest gameplay tip in podcast history
  • Japes Secures the Party Bag
  • Dealing with High Pressure
  • Goalkeepers more important than people think?
  • How best to 'get out' of a tricky goal kick situation
  • Japes on the best outside CB for 3 at the back

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