Headliners, FUT 20 Winter Upgrades breakdown with AJ3

FIFA YouTuber extraordinaire Andy Castell, aka "AJ3", returns to join FUT Weekly Podcast regulars, the GOAT AirJapes, trading/market guru MattFUTTrading, and FWP's very own host/producer Ben to discuss the current Headliners promo (in week 1 of 2), the much anticipated/hyped upcoming Winter Upgrades, and all things FIFA Ultimate Team in this latest Patreon subscriber preview podcast.

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In this week's full show:

  • SBC roundup
  • More on Japes' popular Elite 1 earning 4-3-2-1 tactics
  • How we personally build our Ultimate Team squads
  • How to defend against TOTY attackers
  • Comparing "League of Legends" (!) to FUT
  • Loads more
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