FIFA 20 player reviews podcast: TOTY Kante, TAA, Moments Hazard ratings, analysis

This week's full episode is FUT 20 player review heavy, with three experts in the space deep diving on many of the latest and greatest cards in the game.

In the wake of Team of the Year, FIFA YouTuber/legend/Tuesday Night Football caster AirJapes, trader/TNF assistant producer WyseFIFA, and FUT Weekly Podcast's very own Ben take you on a post-TOTY tour including:

- How to beat your man
- Coping with delay
- Looking ahead in FUT

Plus, in the supporter's exclusive Extra Time podcast (more info here:
- Japes on the unique 4321 that got him Elite 1 in the Weekend League
- Surprise as EA drop the Headliners promo early (and how it might be different this FIFA)
- Another new patch arrives: Title Update #10. Actually seems like it could make a difference!

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