30-0 with 3-5-2: FIFA 20 tactics and tips

In this week's episode (a special Patreon preview edition), your host and producer FUT Weekly's very own Ben is joined by FIFA YouTube scene (and Tuesday Night Football color commentator) AirJapes as well as Roma Fnatic FIFA pro player/coach Zelonius to dig into loads of 20 gameplay chat.

Amongst this episode's topics include:
- Why the 352 works so well in FIFA 20 (Zelonius just went 30-0 with it)
- How to use the 352 format in FUT 20 effectively
- The most influential players this FIFA as chosen by AirJapes and Zelonius

Plus, available in the full Patron exclusive pod (also available now, along with all bonus pods for just $3):
- Simple but excellent skill moves in FIFA 20
- How to stop through ball spam in FUT
- Should you go defensive and feel out your opponent?

And so much more.

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Belated massive thanks for your messages and condolences to Ben last week, as well as your understanding about this being pre-recorded! Thanks for your continued support.

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