FIFA 20 'Servergate', 'zen' Icon Swap objective strategies

After real life footballers Michy Batshuayi and Benjamin Mendy took to Twitter to bust EA's chops on their own personal FIFA connection experience woes, FUT Weekly's very own Ben is joined by FIFA YouTuber scene legend (and Tuesday Night Football commentator) AirJapes as well as server expert TwoLeftFUT (aka Dave) to dig into the reasons why delay is so prevalent and why the 'servers' don't serve everyone.

As Ben has done every Icon Swap token already -- he chats to a returning LukeZim from Futhead about:
- Boshing out objectives as quickly as possible
- Squad battles Legendary/World Class tips
- A significant patch

Plus, in the supporter exclusive Extra Time podcast, why a current SBC could be the next Van Dijk:

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