Which Icon Swap to go for in FIFA 20: Zweback and AJ3 weigh in

The one, the only, the absolute mad lad himself FIFA YouTuber ZwebackHD joins the gang to discuss the newest Objective laden promo du jour, Icon Swaps. If that wasn't enough rock-star YouTuber for one Patreon Exclusive Bonus preview epi -- to borrow Zwe parlance -- the guys welcome back Andy "AJ3" Castell. The Squad Builder Showdown king himself has insights you won't want to miss -- and as always, if you want to check out today's bonus episode in full -- as well as support the guys and get tons more bonus content in the process, check out bit.ly/morepod.

Today's bonus preview episode showcases producer and host Ben, his regular cohort Steve "The FUT Coach" Stokes, and this week's guests outline who to choose with your Swap tokens and how to go about tackling and completing the many objectives. Plus, as if that wasn't enough action-packed guests, MattFUTTrading is back to talk about the impact of first owner objectives on a particularly interesting market. You won't want to miss it.

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