FIFA 20 tips podcast: AIr Japes' tutorial, how to score penalties, and more

It's Week 3 officially of FUT 20 and with it the third regular week of the most listened to FIFA podcast anywhere, the FUT Weekly Podcast.

Your host and producer Ben is joined in a loaded episode by FIFA community and YouTube legend Air Japes. The duo is joined as always by regular cohost Steve Stokes, better known as "The FUT Coach". And this week the lads also visit with Top 100 player Martin (aka LuckieFIFA).

It's a guest-packed jampacked episode, so make sure you listen or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

00:00 - Beating "Park the Bus" . 13:38 - How to press players in FIFA 20 who are holding the ball
17:48 - How Pro FIFA players take advantage of the last minute
29.27 - Air Japes' tutorials/player review rant
36:23 - How to score penalties in FIFA 20

You can also bonus podcasts, support FUT Weekly and listen to this week's bonus Extra Time pod as Japes takes on passing. Get all the info and more here Thanks for your continued support of the show, and godspeed this Weekend League.

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