FIFA 20 release: How one trader made 1m coins in just 4 days

It's finally here! Week 1 of the new game has arrived!

FIFA scene legend Air Japes as well as expert trader Matt FUT Trading join your host Ben to discuss how they've started "FIFA 20", with Japes filling us in on how successful last week's plan for starting the new game was.

Plus, Matt explains how he got to 1 million coins without FIFA Points in just a few days!

Finally, our trio discuss the importance of pace in FIFA 20, whether its balanced, as well as what you can do to counter it.

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  • 00:00 -- How did Japes kickoff approach go?
  • 12:20 -- Trading to 1m coins in just 4 days
  • 16:55 -- OTW Market / Predictions
  • 21:35 -- How to weekly trade in FIFA 20
  • 25:50 -- ICON SWAPS!
  • 34:59 -- Dealing with pace: Is it balanced?
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