FIFA 20 Launch Special: Gameplay Producers, AJ3, Reev interviews

It's almost here. The FUT Weekly Podcast is celebrating FIFA 20's imminent launch by giving away 12,000 FIFA points! You can find out all the details and more here.

In the wake of the big FUT 20 Capture Event, as well as the Full DB's launch, we welcome two of FIFA 20's Gameplay Producers to today's episode. Futhead's lukezim interviews the FIFA team's Sam Rivera and Elliot Vivek at the Capture Event in Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands. They discuss all the big changes coming to FIFA 20 and how much more has been done than ever before to ensure this is a stellar edition of FIFA.

Before that though, also fresh from the Capture Event: tips and discussion galore with big time FIFA YouTubers Andy "AJ3" (a regular of course), and long time favorite of the pod, Reev (in his debut no less!), as they talk:
- Setup touch
- Biggest changes
- Pace in behind
- Timed finishing
- New interface
- Long-term objectives
- So much more!

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