FIFA 20 FUT Features: Pros/cons debate

FIFA scene icon NepentheZ -- he of nearly 2m YouTube subscribers -- returns to the FUT Weekly Podcast to join hosts Ben and Steve, aka The FUT Coach, to discuss the recently announced FUT 20 features and speculate about the upcoming FIFA edition.

With an abundance of new FIFA 20 FUT information coming out of late, the trio digs into the pros and cons, the speculation, and explain how they'd like it to see these exciting new features executed.

Here is what they cover (plus much more):

  • 00:00 -- FIFA19 content reviewed
  • 09:11 -- Potential for a future Player Growth System
  • 15:41 -- New objectives feature
  • 21:27 -- Big interface changes -- possible SBC issue?
  • 25:07 -- Stat tracking in FUT?
  • 37:38 -- 'Gameplay' Mode Changes (Champs, Rivals etc)

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