FIFA 20 hands-on and observations from gameplay specialists

Your host, FUT Weekly's very own Ben is joined yet again this week by gameplay specialists, who have both gotten their hands on very early builds of FIFA20.

eChampions League finalist Ivan Churov, aka Dr. Nightwatch, is notorious for 'stress testing' potentially abusable mechanics. The duo are also joined by Valerio, better known as the Italian Stallion, who's produced a number of insightful videos highlighting key flaws in the game and areas that need improvement and is a fellow veteran in the FIFA podcasting space.

In the second of a two-part episode, the trio discuss and breakdown:

  • 00:00 -- Shooting 'fixed' and/or improved?
  • 14:09 -- Will the new freekick system be too effective?
  • 27:00 -- Player positioning plus other movement changes
  • 36:38 -- Crossing nerfed?

As mentioned in each of the last two weeks shows to check out, please consider volunteering or donating your time or any spare money to the fantastic charity Ben was volunteering with this past week.

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