FIFA 20 gameplay preview with Dr Nightwatch, Italian Stallion

FUT Weekly's very own host Ben is joined by FIFA gameplay specialists, who've have both gotten their hands on early builds of "FIFA 20." Competitive FIFA eChampions League finalist Ivan, aka Dr Nightwatch, is notorious for 'stress testing' abusable mechanics and streamer/podcaster Valerio, aka Italian Stallion, has produced a number of insightful videos highlighting key flaws in the game and areas that need improvement.

In the first of a two part series (second to come on the pod's Patreon) our trio discuss:

  • 00:00 -- Problems with 19; optimism for 20?
  • 11:48 -- Dribbling/concerns around 'crab walking'
  • 22:41 -- Ball physics; other changes of note
  • 27:00 -- Controversial skill move nerf?

As mentioned in the episode, please consider volunteering or donating if you're able to the fantastic charity Ben's volunteering for over this coming week.

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