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FIFA pack controversies explained: An academic look at 'loot boxes'

FUT Weekly Podcast host Ben is joined by York St John University’s Dr. David Zendle for a deep dive into the 'loot box' controversy (and by association, FIFA packs). David published a recent paper discussing loot boxes and gambling, which has raised much debate. He explained why he personally defines FIFA Ultimate Team packs as loot boxes, where he has concerns, why Kinder Eggs are not the same thing in his mind, as well as the overarching ramifications of having them in FIFA.

This special is part one of a two podcast series about packs (next episode date TBD); the second will feature a panel discussion about the mechanics and perhaps what a post-pack FUT could look like.

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  • 1:12 -- 'Loot boxes' / gambling study
  • 18:59 -- Why video games research has been off the mark
  • 23:56 -- Kinder eggs/Trading cards?
  • 33:19 -- Regulation: Why hasn't it happened yet?
  • 35:12 -- The impact of 'pack openings'
  • 41:11 -- What's next


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