EA reveals FIFA 20 gameplay improvements. We break them down

EA did something they literally haven't done before this past week: they announced areas of focus (and ostensible improvements) gameplay specific before even formally announcing "FIFA 20". The FUT Weekly Podcast synced up with Futhead's very own, Luke Zimmermann, to break down what it all means -- but if you haven't read the somewhat lengthy article from the FIFA team, make sure you do that first.

In this week's episodes, your host FUT Weekly's very own Ben and regular partner in crime, Steve Stokes, better known as "The FUT Coach", are joined as mentioned by LukeZim, as they sink their teeth into the huge new EA Pitch Notes blog post focusing on gameplay beyond "FIFA 19". Plus 2019 World Cup broadcaster/presenter Aaron West debuts on the show as TOTS rages on. The group dishes on TOTS Aubameyang, some Team of the Season negativity, "dynamic" pack weights, as well as the players you regret binning in an SBC!

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  • 0:00 -- Big new FIFA 20 gameplay Pitch Note explained
  • 38:04 -- TOTS Aubameyang review
  • 40:23 -- Why some TOTS negativity?
  • 47:32 -- Do EA dynamically change pack weights?
  • 50:55 -- Players you regret submitting into SBCs


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