TOTS is here! Everything you need to know

Team of the Season is back. The Bluestravaganza FIFA hardcores and newcomers alike relish is upon us. The promo surely isn't a shocker to anyone who's stayed current with FUT 19 -- plenty of packable special player items, Weekly Objective unlockable players, and Squad Building Challenges a plenty -- but there's a few quirks worth knowing about, and the FUT Weekly Podcast is here to break them all down with you.

Your regular host/producer FUT Weekly's very own Ben is joined by usual cohort, Steve Stokes, the man, the myth, the legend better known as "The FUT Coach" to talk about what the change to Weekend League rewards could mean to your free time. Futhead's content czar Luke Zimmermann rounds out the crew, adding his insights from the Community/EFL TOTS week that was, how he completed a FUT Swap Deals objective like a madman, and also pronounces League One club Barnsley in the most cowboy way conceivable.

You can check out all this week's episode's content, and if you've somehow been living in a cave the past month (or are simply new to the podcast; welcome!), you can also check out how you can help make the FIFA community's most listened to podcast even better below.

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