The best underused skill moves in FIFA 19

This week, Andy Castell, aka big FIFA YouTuber 'AJ3', returns once again to join regulars Steve Stokes, better known as "The FUT Coach", and your host and producer, FUT Weekly's very own, Ben. The former fight over who has chosen the better FUT Swap Deals rewards between them, while Ben has a bit of a tin-foil-hat theory as to why Base Icons were a FUT Swap reward.

Big time reviews also see us put 92 Prime Moments Blanc and POTY/"TOTS" Virgil Van Dijk under the microscope, while there is a discussion around the steep seeming POTY prices (especially for Sterling). Plus, is the future of player Squad Building Challenges upgrade ladders, what TOTS players our panel want come Team of the Season, and a debate around if all players should have five-star skills.

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  • 0:00 -- AJ3 vs The FUT Coach: Battle of the FUT Swaps
  • 5:07 -- 92 Prime Icon Moments Blanc review
  • 8:36 -- 'Tin foil hat' time: Base Icon packs
  • 14:48 -- (Y)POTY Sterling and VVD worth it?
  • 19:24 -- POTY Virgil Van Dijk review
  • 22:58 -- Future of SBCs: upgrade paths
  • 30:50 -- Goal and Squad of the Month winners
  • 40:54 -- Should all players have five-star skills?
  • 43:14 -- FIFA 19 TOTS players we want to see

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