Air Japes: How to get the mental edge in FIFA

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FIFA community legend Air Japes returns to join your regulars, founding host Ben and Steve Stokes, aka The FUT Coach. Our trio is inspired by the eMLS and other big pro leagues/tournaments to discuss how different continents have different competitive play-styles -- something Ben has noticed playing Weekend League and Rivals in USA! Plus, how FIFA technical skill are important, but game management is probably the most important of all: what we can learn from that massive Tekkz vs Dossary matchup in the last FIFA major of the season.

This week's pod also covers: a particularly OP Corner Technique, the recent Prime Icon Moment mess and a few ofJapes 'controversial' ideas for FUT.


  • 0:00 - eMLS: Different Continents & Playstyles
  • 14:39 - Tekkz beaten by mind-games?
  • 20:10 - 'Technical' FIFA skill isn't enough
  • 35:34 - How to support the FUT Weekly Podcast
  • 36:25 - OP corner technique
  • 39:03 - Prime Icon Moment mess
  • 51:06 - Japes wants contraversial FUT changes
  • 54:44 - Give us your feedback for EA!

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