FUT Birthday Weekly Objective Tips & Predictions

This week, FUT Weekly host Ben is joined by big time YouTuber Andy Castell, better known as AJ3, as well as FIFA trading guru WyseFIFA to discuss the latest FUT promo, FUT Birthday. Our panel chats about some great value out-of-left-field position changes, and how to even potentially make some profit along with them.

With some interesting players in Weekly Objectives, the trio discuss how the players look, thoughts on the objectives overall plus key tips for obtaining them.

The group also covers two other hot topics in the community at the moment: just how 'outrageously overpriced' are some of the Icon Moments upgrades? Plus Andy's thoughts on five streamers giving out Prime Icon Moments/FUT Birthday players as Twitch drops in a coordinated stream.

Finally, as you've undoubtedly heard on the podcast, we're teamed up with Beer52 to land you all of legal drinking age (18+) in the UK a free case of craft beer. Don't miss it! http://www.beer52.com/FUT


  • 06:22.1 - Who AJ3 has used lately
  • 07:47.0 - Weekly Objectives, tips: Worth it?
  • 14:58.9 - FUT Birthday profit
  • 33:12.9 - Twitch drops 'controversy'
  • 41:32.8 - Icon SBC pricing: Wrong? Why?


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