FUT Birthday 10: A look back at the best Ultimate Team players ever

In this week's FUT Birthday 10 Year Special, your panel rundown their favourite (and least favourite) players through each year of FIFA Ultimate Team.

Plus behind the scenes insights from former EA employee and current esports host/content creator Chu "ChuBoi" Morah, who returns with regulars Steve "The FUT Coach" Stokes and Ben. There is also a pod debut for Futhead News Editor Emeritus and Free Pack Project creator Tom Mills, who has some particularly special throwbacks.

From Wallyson to Welliton, Lalas to Luiz and dozens of listener picks too, this is your extensive FUT nostalgia hit after 10 years of the world's most popular football game mode!

Its a hefty episode -- weighing in as the longest in FWP history. Fear not as these handy timestamps guide you:

• 0:00:00 - The FUT Nostalgia Trip Begins

• 0:06:32 - FIFA10: The Reign of Agbonlahor

• 0:09:22 - Silver Messi

• 0:13:51 - FIFA12: Welly and Wally

• 0:22:08 - FIFA13: Pivotal Year and a Bazooka

• 0:30:40 - FIFA14: Chu has to sell FUT to EA

• 0:39:40 - FIFA15: Unguessable United Striker

• 0:58:18 - FIFA16: A Strange Edition

• 1:05:10 - FIFA17: Best FIFA ever?

• 1:14:11 - FIFA18: 250 games with IF Fellaini

• 1:20:00 - Chu on FUT Birthday and Content this year

Finally, as heard on the pod, we've teamed up with Beer52 to land you all (UK, 18+ only) a free case of craft beer. Don't miss it (if of legal drinking age)!


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