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FUT Economist on Carniball, new Casual Mode? And competitive FIFA changes

FIFA community staple Jamey, better known as "The FUT Economist" is back for a bit shorter but even more action packed pod than usual. He’s joined by your usual hosts, FUT Weekly's very own, Ben, and Steve "The FUT Coach" Stokes to chat about what many (not Steve!) are calling "the perfect FUT content blueprint."

Plus, they’ve got some ideas for improving the casual offering in the game, with inspiration from 'Apex Legends' accolades. The trio also discusses why we desperately need to see a casual mode in Ultimate Team in the first place as well as the #MakeLosingRewardingAgain "movement."

If you haven't subscribed already -- what are you waiting for? But when you're done scolding yourself, be sure to peruse the various options to do just that down below. If you have thoughts or feedback on this week's latest podcast, be sure to let us know in the Futhead comments or hit us up directly on Twitter, @FUTWeeklyPod.


  • 0:00 -- 'Carniball'-ing or 'Carnibailing'?
  • 9:58 -- Ideas for a 'casual' FIFA online mode
  • 12:58 -- "Cheating" weekly objectives?
  • 17:40 -- Why F2Tekkz dominates competitive FIFA
  • 11:10 -- How competitive FUT could become less "Pay-to-Win"


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