Why is the FIFA community so negative?

Comedian and FUT enthusiast, Iain Stirling, also the voice of TV's "Love Island", joins your FUT Weekly podcast host Ben and regular cohort, Steve Stokes, aka The FUT Coach, to discuss the growing levels of negativity in the community surrounding FIFA. Your panel debate the causes of such angst, what is really 'to blame', and whether the levels of indignation are wholy justified.

In lighter listening, there's also a mini review of Prime Icon Moments Emmanuel Petit, the FUT 19 Player Days market dip, chat (see: rant) about the scene's response to the latest FUT Swap Deals VI but -- most crucially -- tips and tactics to help you beat Park the Bus tactics and assisted AI defending. There is also a happy birthday for Ben -- even though it wasn't actually his birthday!

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  • 0:00 -- FUT Weekly's return and a Moments Petit review
  • 4:37 -- 'FUT Player Days' "market crash"
  • 8:31 -- Why is the FIFA community so negative?
  • 39:12 -- The low-driven finesse myth
  • 43:23 -- Park the bus + AI busting formation/tacitcs


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