AirJapes' 'pro' FUT 19 Weekend League tips and tactics

FUT community legend (and return guest) AirJapes is back on the podcast to discuss the tactics and setup he used to achieve a 26-2 record in the Weekend League -- his best finish this year so far. Regular cohost Steve Stokes, better known as The FUT Coach, and founding host/producer FUT Weekly's Ben, have both tried it, and give their thoughts on the strategies.

Japes also explains how he handles drop back and counter attack, the bane of everyone's existence, assisted AI defending, crossing, and much more. Plus your panel discuss the conversial goalkeeper movement, the community response to the latest big gameplay patch, as well as dig into some player reviews -- which include an elite budget Icon centerback!

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  • 0:00 -- AirJapes' post-patch thoughts and finishing tips
  • 12:03 -- How to beat drop-back counter attacks
  • 25:19 -- The goalkeeper movement controversy debated and explained
  • 38:23 -- AirJapes' 'pro caliber' tactics and setup
  • 43:35 -- Player reviews: An elite budget Icon CB!


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