FIFA 19 Podcast: NepentheZ on the new OP post-patch meta

Big-time FIFA YouTuber NepentheZ joins FUT Weekly founding host Ben and regular cohort Steve, aka The FUT Coach, to discuss how the FUT meta will develop in the forthcoming post-finesse-patch era. Steve also argues that EA are taking a lack of realism too far with the latest FUT Future Stars promo, whilst Ben counters the continuation of hype after TOTY and the increased number of competitive players available to use has compensated for that.

Plus, why special goalkeeper cards really aren't really worth buying after all, the importance of "hidden" stats, and the results of last episode's hypothesis about playing TOTY Marcelo at CAM. Don't miss it!

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  • 0:00 -- Future Stars -- For real, or unrealistic?
  • 21:04 -- The gang's FS picks
  • 34:57 -- Special keepers: not worth it?
  • 39:48 -- The importance of 'hidden' stats
  • 42:33 -- The new post-patch meta explained


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