FIFA 19 Podcast: TOTY investing tips, Prime Icon SBCs -- Worth it?

It's finally here: FIFA 19's Team of the Year has arrived -- and with the full team in packs and the 12th member of the side on the way, in full effect.

The FUT Weekly Podcast boys have got the self-proclaimed King of TOTY, Dan aka FUTTraderx, to explain his title, and all the ways you can take advantage of FIFA Ultimate Team's biggest promotion of the year; from Icon Crafting, investing, and much more! Plus some strange, potentially coin making, small print in the UCL Road to the Final Live items.

FWP regular Steve, better known around these parts as The FUT Coach, is unimpressed with pod host Ben’s idea to play TOTY Marcelo at CAM. But is very impressed with his co-host's ability to score free kicks; he explains.

Finally, why you Steve thinks you shouldn't commit to Prime Icon SBCs at this point and the best/worst TOTW this FUT?

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  • 0:00 -- Team of the Year -- For the many?
  • 8:50 -- TOTY Marcelo ... At CAM?!
  • 14:41 -- TOTY market investments
  • 21:47 -- IconCraft, explained
  • 27:14 -- Why you shouldn't commit to big Icon SBCs
  • 30:47 -- How to score free kicks like a pro
  • 38:22 -- The best/worst Team of the Week?


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