FIFA 19 Podcast: AirJapes' thoughts on gameplay, 'Pay To Win'

Legendary FIFA Ultimate Team OG AirJapes joins FUT Weekly Podcast host Ben and regular Steve Stokes, aka The FUT Coach, for a post-Christmas/New Year special!

While the main attractions are the 2018 FUT Weekly Pod Quiz of the Year and Secret Santa, we've got plenty of actual genuinely fascinating FUT chat to boot as we get closer and closer to an expected Team of the Year.

Japes gives his in-depth thoughts/takes on FIFA19 for the first time -- plus, he graces us with reviews of not one, but two Icons he's enjoying. You'll also hear tips on how to do deal with high pressure, getting an advantage with subs, and being smart with "Pay 2 Win."

If you aren't already subscribed, make sure you do so with one of the options below. Happy New Year from all your friends at the pod and Futhead!


  • 0:00 -- What AirJapes really thinks about FIFA 19
  • 5:42 -- Japes' favorite FIFA 19 tactics/formations
  • 8:20 -- How to take advantage of High Pressure
  • 22:04 -- The big Christmas quiz
  • 33:10 -- Japes goes "Pay 2 Win"?
  • 50:16 -- Getting the most out of your subs
  • 55:24 -- Secret Santa
  • 59:11 -- Prime Roy Keane review


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