FIFA 19 Podcast: Your FUTmas pre-TOTY market extravaganza

Futhead regular Jamey, aka the FUT Economist, joins a busy-with-his-day-gig FUT Weekly Podcast host Ben for a shorter than usual, but no-less content packed pod! They discuss the new patch, which is out for consoles now -- it comes with the grand claim that it could fix delay for players who were being impacted by their opponent’s poor connection.

They also discuss a fascinating, collection of FUTmas cards from Manuel Akanji to Alexandre Lacazette and how it compares to previous years -- plus the impact of untradeable rewards on the market and SBCs, whether the price of Icons could crash with these exciting new single Icon SBCs, and how EA have done in the previously problematic FUTmas leaks stakes.

Finally a cracking TOTW rundown, including when to buy and what makes David De Gea the best goalkeeper in the game (!).

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  • 0:00 -- Delay fixing pitch?
  • 14:59 -- A merry FUTmas?
  • 20:55 -- Massive impact: Untradeable rewards
  • 25:37 -- Icons: SBCs, pricing -- When to buy?
  • 30:39 -- Wither FUTmas leaks
  • 34:28 -- Cracking TOTW rundown
  • 37:50 -- When to buy TOTW 14?
  • 39:12 -- De Gea review


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