FIFA 19 Podcast: The solution for broken finesse shots

Jamey, better known as The FUT Economist, returns to the FUT Weekly studio as we look ahead to FUTmas, potential leak issues therein, and take a gander back at the TOTGS promotion and some questionable SBCs.

Steve Stokes, aka The FUT Coach, joins to discuss the 'Finesse Patch' and what can be done to curb the shot type -- rapidly become the number one gameplay gripe.

Plus Futhead's Luke "LukeZim" Zimmermann on how Weekend League form works, his 'first-world FIFA' problems, as well as his experiences covering back-to-back FUT tourney champion F2Tekkz's remarkable competitive tournament form.

Finally, FUT Weekly host Ben struggles with Europa League TOTGS Parolo and brings you a half-baked player review!

Also, if you missed last week's episode, be sure to check it out -- Ben & Steve break down inside info from EA that help explain how work rates really work.

Make sure you're subscribed if you aren't already. You won't want to miss a thing with Team of the Year expected just weeks away.


  • 0:00 -- Will Tekkz's tourney success last? Can it?
  • 4:48 -- The finesse shot 'patch' -- Not enough?
  • 21:38 -- Team of the GOAT Stage?
  • 35:59 -- FUTmas is coming -- Plz, no more leaks
  • 42:21 -- Why do I face semi-pros in the Weekend League
  • 50:55 -- Review: The Parolo Objective Struggle was real


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