FIFA 19 Podcast: The Icon SBC controversy and the truth about Workrates

Your rather busy FUT Weekly Podcast host Ben is joined by Steve Stokes, aka The FUT Coach, for a more brief -- but no less deep -- dive into a number of key FUT issues at the moment in "FIFA 19": The controversial Icon market, Chemistry Styles, 90 OVR Flashback Dani Alves, and the wonderful world of Workrates. Workrates, it seems -- like most things on the fringes of people's consciousness -- are very much misunderstood (bless). They are also very different than instructions.

Our pair also discusses how you can get the very best out of the aforementioned workrates, instructions and Chem styles, as well as whether EA are resisting playing chicken with the trading communicating over a much requested "Baby" Icon SBC -- and whether market influencers 'are to blame' for keeping prices inflated. Plus TOTW 12 and a tasty French in-form striker rated review!

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  • 0:00 -- The great Flashback Dani Alves debate
  • 2:58 -- Why Workrates are so misunderstood
  • 8:25 -- Chemistry Styles are absolutely key
  • 13:41 -- The EA/Trading community "faceoff"
  • 24:14 -- Effective skill moves
  • 26:39 -- TOTW Rundown and 86 ST Thauvin review


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