FIFA 19 Podcast: How to go from Gold II to Elite I in Weekend League

AS Roma Fnatic pro FIFA player Conran Rannerz Tobin joins FUT Weekly Podcast host Ben and Steve Stokes, better known as "The FUT Coach," to dive right into and disect what has been a somewhat controversial new FIFA 19 patch. Ben gets deeper into the tactics and players that have earned him another Elite III finish.

The group also discusses Steve's taste in bad strikers, the first FUT Champions Cup taking place this weekend (in which Rannerz's Roma teammates are currently participating) and Futhead and FUT Weekly pod market expert/analyst WyseFIFA joins us to share his investment tips after Black Friday but before the next big promo drops!

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  • 0:00 -- New patch thoughts from an AS Roma pro
  • 13:40 -- Setup/Tactics: How to go from Gold II to Elite I ... again
  • 35:35 -- FUTmas/Black Friday investing tips/results
  • 50:10 -- Roma's Rannerz on the FUT Champions Bucharest Cup, Pro FIFA


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