FIFA 19 Podcast: Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the New Patch, Easy Investing

It's Black Friday. With Cyber Monday just around the corner, the FUT Weekly Podcast is here to provide the soundtrack to all your pack openings and SBC solvings.

This week your host Ben is joined by a trio of returning great guests: Andy Castell, aka massive YouTuber "AJ3", Jamey, known around these parts as The FUT Economist, and comedian and voice of hit UK series Love Island (and FUT fanatic!) Iain Stirling all return to usher in the festivities.

Our group covers the new patch with MichielPC, who has already been playing it. Plus after a week of crazy content that saw market breaking Squad Building Chalelnges, they discuss if Icons can ever be 'affordable' again, how to profit from Black Friday/Cyber Monday and of course, TOTW Rundown, and Player Reviews!

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  • 0:00 -- A week of content 'crisis'
  • 15:35 -- #MakeIconsAffordableAgain
  • 21:52 -- Top 100 player patch concerns?
  • 36:32 -- Market and TOTW Rundown
  • 42:59 -- Player reviews


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