FIFA 19 Podcast: Bateson87, Chu Boi go insider, 1st look at Patch 3

An all-star episode!

FUT Weekly's very own Ben is joined by the man, the myth, the legend, massive FIFA YouTuber Bateson87 plus former FIFA community manager turned esports host, streamer, and YouTuber in his own right, Chu "ChuBoi" Morah, as they look back at a murky FUT era when coin selling was rife and where Chu and Bates first made their names -- for very different reasons.

We’ll also look at 19 as we’ve seen a crazy amount of SBC content of late, the suspension of big Pro players like FaZe Tass and Kurt, FUT Draft issues, Bateson qualifying for professional events, and his defending tips to help make you better at this year's game.

Finally, we’ve got our PC Patch correspondent, Michiel, back for a chat as he’s been playing the latest, pretty significant patch over the past few days. Find out what to expect before it comes to Xbox One and PS4 next week.

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  • 0:00 -- The wild, wild west of FUT
  • 13:01 -- Crazy amount of new SBC content!
  • 17:33 -- Some serious FUT Draft issues
  • 21:34 -- Bateson on basically being a pro
  • 25:28 -- Tass and Kurt's suspensions
  • 40:34 -- A Top 100 PC Player's new patch insights
  • 51:45 -- Bateson's tips to defend like a competitive player
  • 59:52 -- Player shoutouts and this week's TOTW rundown


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