FIFA 19 Podcast: FUT 19's new patch, AJ3, Flair on the 'Pay to Win' debate

The FUT Weekly Podcast is back for another round.

In the seventh (formal) edition of the podcast's tackling of FIFA 19, your host Ben is joined by pod regular FIFA coach Steve Stokes, aka the "FUT Tactician", as well as now regular Andy "AJ3" Castell. Noted Twitch trader Dan, better known as "Flair", also joins the episode. The group discusses all the big FIFA questions of the moment: Just how "pay to win" is FIFA 19 actually? Has the second major FIFA 19 patch really changed much at all? Are League SBCs worth it? Was FUT Swap a FUT flop? Plus, they delve into the potential Black Friday market crash as it looms on the horizon -- and finally a Team of the Week 'rant'/rundown!

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  • 0:00 -- All things the new patch
  • 6:24 -- Just how 'pay to win' is this latest FIFA?
  • 15:43 -- Black Friday's coming
  • 24:30 -- Are League SBCs really worth it?
  • 26:52 -- FUT Swap or FUT flop?
  • 32:31 -- Team of the Week investments
  • 36:03 -- TOTW rant + Rundown


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