FIFA 19 Podcast: An early look at the new patch

Single hopefuls complete tasks and get voted out week by week. Packed full of drama. And we're just talking about the Weekend League, folks!

In all seriousness, your host Ben is joined by comedian (and voice of the hit "Love Island") Iain Stirling in his return to the podcast. AS Roma Pro Rannerz also stops by, as does FUT Weekly regular Steve Stokes, aka the "FUT Tactician". As they tackle a dull Ultimate Scream promo (made a bit more interesting by today's ratings 'shapeshift'), Iain's trading and Road to Glory struggles, Rannerz competing in a 2v2 competitive format, tactics, formation, player selection in more.

Plus Top 100 PC player Michiel weighs in to give his verdict on the patch coming to Xbox One and PS4 next week but available on EA Origin now. And of course, our TOTW 6 picks and a lot more.

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  • 4:53 -- Rannerz's thoughts on playing 2v2
  • 8:00 -- Top 100 PC Player talks about the forthcoming patch
  • 17:59 -- Player/tactics recommendations
  • 30:50 -- More formation/tactics chat
  • 38:48 -- Scream a disappointment?
  • 50:45 -- TOTW 6 rundown


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