FIFA 19 Podcast: Pro Tactics to overcome your Division Rivals frustrations

This week, your trusty FUT Weekly Podcast host Ben is joined by self confessed "FIFA 18" detractor (and Swedish Pro Player) Lukasinho. He talks about how "FIFA 19" differs from 18, some of the unique tactics he uses to get the results he needs, and much more.

And speaking of tactics, our duo is joined by Steve, better known as FUT Tactician, plus our very own (and Futhead regular) Jamey, aka FUT Economist. The group talk about FUT 19 gameplay tips, wax more on Lukas' tips and tactics, some of the controversies surrounding FUT Division Rivals in its inaugural go, the latest Prime Icons and Throwback SBCs, some speculation about a potential future market crash, and of course, Team of the Week 5 and their player reviews.

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  • 0:00 -- FIFA 18's harshest Pro critic gives thoughts on 19
  • 13:29 -- Lukasinho's unique pro player tactics
  • 18:04 -- Big Rivals problems
  • 27:40 -- Prime Icon/Throwback SBCs talk
  • 33:21 -- When might we see a real market crash?
  • 41:58 -- Team of the Week rundown
  • 47:08 -- Player Reviews


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