FIFA 19 Podcast: Market advice, Weekend League tips, and a new 2v2 competitive format

Your trusty FUT Weekly Podcast host Ben is joined by returning FIFA YouTuber Andy Castell, aka 'AJ3', to discuss his advice from a dramatic first Weekend League of the year -- insert all the gratuitious nervous-sweat emojis. Plus FIFA trading guru MattFUTTrading comes along to talk the state of the market after big Player of the Month and FUT Swap promo news.

We also hear from old school Road to Glory legend/Gfinity community manager Chris Trout on his tips, involvement in the exciting new ePremier League, plus an awesome new 2v2 pro format that even includes with auctions for FUT players! You won't want to miss hearing about this.

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  • 0:00 -- First Weekend League takeaways
  • 14:57 -- Effective tactics/key techniques
  • 24:37 -- The Pace debate continues...
  • 29:03 -- The ePremier League
  • 32:36 -- New 2v2 Pro Format (w/ FUT Player Auctions?)
  • 36:44 -- FUT Swap -- or FUT 'not'?
  • 41:35 -- Trading, big POTM news
  • 48:18 -- The TOTW 4 rundown
  • 52:23 -- Player reviews


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