FIFA 19 Podcast: New patch, tactics, formations, 'AI' defending, and market hype

This week your host Ben is joined by Roma/FNATIC Pro FIFA Player Conran "Rannerz" Tobin, FIFA coach/master strategiest Steve Stokes aka "FUT Tactician", and the podcast/Futhead's resident market expert and analyst, Jamey, better known as the FUT Economist.

The quartet talk formations, the tactics they’ve been enjoying, crossing potentially being OP, thoughts on the first patch, the new Champions League card market shocker, FIFA 19's new competitive structure/setup, a very out-of-left-field informed impression, an OTW trading epic and much, much more.

As always, whether you get your podcasts from iTunes or Google Play, make sure you subscribe below so you don't miss a thing. With the first Weekend League here and seemingly non-stop content in the works, there'll be plenty more episodes to come in the weeks ahead.


  • 0:00 -- Our formation/tactic choices
  • 13:26 -- Thoughts on the game's first patch
  • 17:23 -- 'AI' defending
  • 26:09 -- Crossing OP?
  • 28:06 -- The traits and specialties Pitch Notes blog
  • 31:06 -- Changes to competitive FIFA's setup/structure
  • 36:59 -- The Champions League market 'crash'
  • 42:44 -- Bittersweet Ones to Watch trading (w/ Ben)
  • 45:49 -- TOTW 3 rundown (and player review


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