FUT Podcast: Is FIFA 19's Pace 'nerf' a good thing?

The biggest podcast in the FIFA space goes big on FUT 19.

Joining regular host Ben, Andy "AJ3" Castell, he of a whopping 1.4 million YouTube subscribers, is back to talk about how he's started FIFA 19, his early thoughts on what works (and as importantly what doesn't), as well as Stan relentlessly for Diego Costa.

Regulars/GameChangers/hopelessly American FUT Economist, aka Jamey, and Futhead's editorial lead, Luke "LukeZim" Zimmermann, also enter the fray. They weigh in on some of the first two weeks of FUT's in-forms that caught their eyes, a few investment tips, and yup, Luke makes an NBA reference half the panel don't understand at all. Can't miss stuff.

As always, share your thoughts on how you're getting on in the early stages of FUT 19 in the comments and if you have any constructive criticism, feedback, or questions, let us know too. Subscribe below!


  • 1:52 -- How our panel have started FIFA 19
  • 10:44 -- Thoughts on FUT Division Rivals
  • 17:41 -- Bugs, bug fixes, and community overreaction
  • 35:05 -- The FIFA 19 Pace debate
  • 42:34 -- TOTW rundown
  • 56:02 -- Dynamite Discard & Informed Impressions


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