FIFA 19 Capture Event Podcast: AJ3, Lukasinho, FUT Economist on Chem Changes, New Tips

Live from the FIFA 19 Capture Event in Berlin, Germany, FUT Weekly Podcast host Ben sits down with 1.3m subscriber YouTuber Andy "AJ3" Castell to talk all things FUT 19. Joining them are former Scandinavian champion and competitive player Lukasinho as well as pod regular FUT Economist.

The quartet break down all the key new features you need to know about in FIFA 19: the importance of timed finishing, the return of free kicks' relevance to the game, what controlling the keeper could mean to the skill gap, gameplay shifts to the Meta, the so-called Chemistry "nerf" (and specifically the changes to the boosts in chem) and much, much more.

Don't forget to weigh in in the comments below if you have any questions, discussion topics or feedback for future episodes!


  • 0:00 -- Timed finishing
  • 11:56 -- The return of free kicks
  • 13:08 -- Manually controlling the keeper
  • 16:35 -- Big gameplay shifts in FIFA 19
  • 36:52 -- 50/50 Challenges concerns?
  • 42:27 -- Chemistry "nerf"
  • 46:47 -- Effective new skills
  • 50:36 -- Division Rivals and Weekend League thoughts
  • 58:02 -- FUT 19 underrated players


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