FUT Weekly Podcast: FIFA 19 Capture Event Gameplay Producers Tips, Changes

The FIFA 19 Capture Event has come and gone. A ton of the biggest named influencers and GameChangers from all around the world convened in Germany with an eye on giving you the inside track to one of this fall's most anticipated titles.

The real winners? All of us, really. Starting Wednesday at 15:00 CET/14:00 BST (9 a.m. ET/6 a.m. PT), all your favorite YouTubers, streamers, and personalities will have plenty of first looks at all things FIFA 19.

To help lead the way, with EA's blessing, FUT Weekly Podcast's Ben brings you an exclusive conversation with FIFA 19 Associate Producer Sam Rivera and Gameplay Produer Kantcho Doskov.

The trio talk all things FIFA 19: what you need to know about gameplay, how it differs from 18 (and previous versions), and everything folks will be talking about once EA Access hits 20 September and beyond. There won't be any looks at ratings, players to use, or anything of that ilk, but good things come to those who wait.


  • 0:00 -- All the biggest changes in FIFA 19
  • 4:09 -- What Timed finishing is and what it means for FIFA
  • 10:00 -- Big changes to dribbling and skilling
  • 12:33 -- The gameplan game changer
  • 17:22 -- Light finally shed on "mystery" stats (and Traits)
  • 23:42 -- The truth about "momentum", "scripting", and "handicap"
  • 26:04 -- The kick off "glitch" explained
  • 29:18 -- Headers and crossing
  • 31:31 -- Skill gap enhancing manual goalkeeper controls
  • 32:43 -- Mindfulness about the perception of patching gameplay too soon


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