FUT Weekly Podcast: World Cup mode and the case against Competitive Rage Quits

He's baaaaack.

Whether we mean the man, the myth, the legendary YouTuber/eSports host J.P., better known in FIFA circles as Air Japes -- and if you haven't already, make sure you're subscribing to his channel; Path to Power is back and better than ever -- or founding FUT Weekly Podcast cohost Horace, they're both in the house in a World Cup-tastic banger of an episode.

With your usual pilot, FUT Weekly's own Ben, the trio hit on all things FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team: the players you need to know, which are flying under the radar/underrated, the best formations to take your FIFA game to the next level, and of course, Japes' thoughts on the mode (and its gameplay) as a whole. If that wasn't enough, the group segue into tackling a topic of debate in recent weeks in competitive FIFA circles: is it ever okay to just walk away and rage quit in real life at a LAN event? Japes called the eMLS Cup and shares his thoughts on what's bordering on becoming a trend the last month or so.

Apologies on the time stamps this week, as they're a bit more abridged than usual


  • 0:00 -- All things FUT World Cup Mode: Verdict, tips, tricks
  • 45:57 -- How to pick your formation 101
  • 52:30 -- Japes on pro FIFA players rage quitting in person


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