FUT Weekly Podcast: DKT tips, World Cup mode predictions, the best TOTS

Struggling to win the free Daily Knockout Tournament Team of the Season items? Your boy's got you.

FIFA esports host, streamer, YouTuber extraordinaire and former EA FIFA community manager Chu "Chu Boi" Morah joins FUT Weekly Podcast's Ben as well as Futhead's very own Luke "lukezim" Zimmermann to get you squared away. Chu, Ben, and Luke all share their strategies, plus some cheeky cup final intimidation tactics bordering on shameful from Luke -- you won't want to miss those.

Our podcasting trio also talk about Team of the Season so far: what's good ("the best Premier League Team of the Season ever"?), what leaves something to be desired, as well as whether or not some of the early "controversies" have really been as bad as they seemed at the time. Chu also gives insights as to what his FUT 14 World Cup launch experience was like, some of the lessons learned, and he and Luke speculate on what we might see in this year's much anticipated game update/mode. The May 29 release could very well be one of if not the events of the year.

While you're opening the expected La Liga TOTS packs later today, make sure you fire up the FUT Weekly pod. If you aren't already subscribing, check out your options to do so underneath, and if a particular topic strikes your fancy, let us know in the comments below.


  • 0:00 - Chu and Luke from Futhead's thoughts on TOTS 18
  • 9:28 - The best TOTS we've used so far
  • 15:37 - Premier League upgrade packs, ROTW "controversies"
  • 30:22 - EA, community insights: A behind the scenes look
  • 50:19 - Daily Knockout Tournament tips & squad building advice


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