FUT 20 Champions Cup Bucharest: 19 champs Tekkz, DullenMike headline Masters

In less than 36 hours, Bucharest's 64-player field has been whittled all the way down to the final eight players: the Xbox and PlayStation console semi-finalists. As always, favorites often exit the tournament over the course of the second day, but this Saturday was a bit of a special occasion.

Saudi Arabian competitor Aldossary "Msdossary" Mosaad, who won the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup and is considered one of the biggest names in the circuit, fell uncharacteristically to his Round of 16 opponent, Brazil's Miguel "TheSpiderKong" Bilhar. But that was far from the only upset on the Xbox side of things; Werder Bremen's Michael "Megabit" Bittner, a former Global Series Playoffs champ, succumbed in the first round to the IFY's Frenchman Fouad "Rafsou" Fares.

Bilhar went on to dominate his quarterfinal matchup against Filip "FIFAFico" Babic, 7-3, to set up a mouthwatering semi-final against the four-time major winner Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt, quite possibly the only frontrunner to clinch a "Championship Sunday" berth. On the other side of the Xbox bracket, Wolfsburg wunderkind Dylan “DullenMIKE” Neuhausen, who won the the FUT 19 Champions Cup last January at just 16 years old, proved to his doubters that his dream run 10 months ago wasn't just a fluke. Facing a four-goal deficit, Neuhausen battled back to beat veteran player Niklas "NR7" Raseck, another big name to fall on Saturday, in quite possibly the matchup of the tournamen, which he would go on to win in penalties. DullenMIKE will face Team FUTWIZ's Kylem "Lyricz" Edwards.

The upsets weren't exclusive to Xbox, however, as PlayStation saw its fair share of frontrunners drop out as well. Nicolas "nicolas99fc" Villalba, who rose to stardom in the same tournament as Hunt nearly two years ago, hasn't endured the best start to his FUT 20 campaign. The Argentine fell, 6-2, in the Round of 16 to the Brazilian Lucas "LucasRep98" Gonçalves. Gonçalves followed his first win with another masterclass against 2018 eWorld Cup finalist Kai "deto" Wollin, cementing a place in the PS4 semi-finals against West Ham United's Yago. Although Yago is a relative newcomer, Gonçalves is making his comeback after a few years. His last marquee win came over two years ago, at the FUT 17 Madrid Regional Final, while arguably Yago's first stamp on the circuit was made today with his pulsating win over Vitality's Corentin "Maestro" Thullier.

Wolves' Flávio "Fifilza" Brito continued his impressive run on Saturday, clinching a semi-final berth against Qlash's Diego "Crazy" Campagnani. Brito and Campagnani both eked out two gritty one-goal wins over their Round of 16 and quarterfinal opponents to set up their clash for tomorrow.

This year, if a player makes the console semifinals (e.g. the overall quarterfinals), they are bestowed the title of FUT Champions Cup Master until the next FUT Champions Cup and automatically qualify for that event. If they'd previously already qualified, the next best finisher in their respectivee regional qualifying earns the spot the existing player vacates with the Master honors. Thus, the eight players that will play tomorrow have already qualified for the month of December.

Sunday's proceedings will kick off with the console semi-finals, and the day will end with a new champion being crowned. Coverage will start at 12 p.m. CET, 11 a.m. UK, and 6 a.m. EST. You can follow all the action by visiting our homepage or heading directly to Twitch.

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