FUT 19 Champions Cup Singapore: F2TeKkz wins third major this FIFA

Donovan "F2TeKkz" Hunt defeated Fatih "M10Ustun" Üstun by a 6-2 scoreline to claim the Singapore FUT Champions Cup Sunday. This was Hunt's third undefeated tournament during this FUT cycle, and his second consecutive tournament having not lost a single match. The 17-year-old -- now with six titles to his name -- has surely cemented his place as the best in the world, and the one to beat on the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup.

Hunt, who kicked off the final day of the Singapore tournament, dispatched the runner-up's teammate Pedro "M10Resende" Resende for his first win of the day. The Exeter, UK native then went on to blank his opponent, relative newcomer Levy Frederique, 6-0 in the Xbox console final.

M10Ustun began with a nervy 2-1 win over Diogo "Dpeixoto7" Peixoto. After just sneaking in to the console final, the "Great Dane," as the commentators have started calling him, finally asserted his dominance over Henrique "Zezinho23" Lempke with a 6-3 victory. In the other semi-finals, Frederique edged out Abdulaziz "abo3zza10" Alsabyani by a 4-3 margin, while Lempke managed the first upset of the day, winning 6-2 over PSV Eindhoven's Stefano Pinna.

The first leg of the cross-console final, which was played on Üstun's favored PlayStation console, began rather quietly. The pace was rapid, but the end product was not there. That story changed in the second half. Hunt, as he often does, somehow turned a stalemate into a runaway 3-0 victory. Just four minutes into the second half, he struck with Raphaël Varane to break the deadlock. The Real Madrid center-back's fellow countryman Kylian Mbappé doubled F2TeKkz's advantage less than 10 minutes later. The third goal came even sooner. Cristiano Ronaldo capped off a counter-attack with a bullet header for Hunt's third goal in a span of 15 minutes.

Though most players would have given up at this point, Üstun instead showed resolve. The Dane mounted a comeback from seemingly nowhere, not unlike his opponent.

In the 83rd minute, the PlayStation champ capitalized on a rare F2TeKkz error to finally get on the scoresheet. Hunt's poor goalkeeper positioning allowed Üstun to loft an arching header, over the entire defense, just inside the back post of the goal. With his grip on the game loosening up, Hunt was perfectly content retaining possession. However, a misplaced pass in stoppage time lead to a "Hail Mary" situation for M10Ustun. Cristiano Ronaldo settled the lofted through ball, wove around his defender and two quick passes later, the score was suddenly 3-2 at the final whistle.

Despite winning the match outright, F2TeKkz looked dejected during the intermission. The momentum had swung in favor of his opponent, but the one thing the Xbox champ found solace in was that he was back on his home console. In the 28th minute, however, it was a costly turnover that spelled the end for Üstun. The Dane's goalkeeper passed the ball directly to Hunt's Kylian Mbappe's who pounced on the incredible opportunity from 12 yards out. With his confidence shot, Üstun's hopes of a comeback were quashed and Hunt would pile on two more goals before the final whistle.

The FIFA 19 Global Series will return in April with the final FUT Champions Cup. Qualifying for the last two big pre-playoff tournaments after that, a pair of third-party run Live Qualifying Events (set to take place in May during a break from majors otherwise), are set for the next two weekends.

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