FUT 19 Champions Cup Atlanta: F2Tekkz, Msdossary, nicolas99fc will face off in consoles semis

With both sides of the console semi-finals set, the final day of the ELEAGUE FUT 19 Champions Cup February is sure to be a thriller. After the Round of 16 and the quarterfinals, only 16 of the initial 64 competitors remain in the fray. On the Xbox One side, all four have lay claim to some sort of silverware in the past; but for the PlayStation semi-finalists, three are still in search of their first trophy.

Donovan "F2TeKkz" Hunt, who is widely considered to be the best FIFA player in the world, will face off against Michael "Vfl Megabit" Bittner, the German player who won the Xbox One Global Series playoffs grand final in Amsterdam last May. On the other side of the bracket, Khalid "The Royal" Aloufi, a Saudi Arabian player who broke onto the scene after winning the FUT 17 Sydney Regional over two years ago, will play his fellow countryman Aldossary "Rogue Msdossary" Mosaad, who has fared better in recent competitions, most recently winning the Gfinity FUT Champions Cup this past December.

Nicolas "nicolas99fc" Villalba, an Argentine who has dominated the PlayStation brackets since losing to F2TeKkz in Barcelona last January, has emerged as the favorite yet again. However, he will first need to take down Sporting CP's homegrown candidate, RastaArtur, before finding himself in another cross-console grand final. Offset eSports' Diego "tuga810" Pombo, who has steadily made a name for himself during the FUT 19 cycle after only losing out to last month's runner-up Hasan "Hasoo" Eker, will face SPQR's Brazilian player Paulo Neto to round out the PlayStation semis.

The second day of the FUT 19 Champions Cup saw the completion of the last two rounds of the Swiss stages, and the ensuing console Knockout Stages. Villalba, despite being the frontrunner coming in to the tournament, claimed the No. 2 seed. The only player to best his record from the Swiss stage on the PlayStation side was yet another unfamiliar name, Yagocai, who was taken down by Pombo in the quarterfinals in a tense two-legged battle, which ended 5-4.

Villalba himself endured a tough Round of 16 matchup, against known PS4 commodity Mohammed "MoAuba" Harkous, who has been in the competitive circuit for over two years. The Argentine prevailed, but only by a slim one-goal margin. Villalba would comfortably beat his quarterfinal opponent, AS Roma's Damie, by four goals. Paulo Neto's marquee victory of the tournament came in the quarters as well, as he bested the PSV Eindhoven's Belgian competitor Stefano Pinna, whose run in the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final last August brought him notoreity.

The Xbox One competitors run to the semi-finals was a little more routine, Hunt came in as the No. 4 seed while it was Megabit who claimed the top seed. The German comfortably took care of his opening round opponents, beating both by at least three goals. Hunt, on the other hand, dispelled an early scare against Felipe Abd by moutning a second-leg comeback in the quarterfinals. After January's tournament was marred by his illness, Msdossary was back to his best self, reaching the semis on the back of his high-scoring attack. North American newcomer "itsDoofman" gave The Royal a run for his money in a Round of 16 thriller, which ended 10-8 to the latter. Aloufi would go on to beat Kurt Fenech, 5-3, in the quarterfinals.

The final day's festivities will return Sunday morning at 10 a.m. ET with the console semi-finals, and with DullenMike not amongst the remaining competitors, a new winner will be crowned. However, many favorites coming in to the competition still remain. You can follow all the action on Futhead's homepage, or on the ELEAGUE TV Twitch channel.

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