Weekend League qualifying won't directly determine FIFA 19's world champ

Professional players and aspiring pros will have to do their business a bit differently in FIFA 19 than in 17 and 18.

Following feedback from competitors from last year's FUT Champions Global Playoff Series as well as some looking in the mirror, the structure to qualify for LAN events in FUT 19 is changing pretty considerably.

While Weekend League will still play a role, gone are the days of aggregate monthly WL wins being the primary path to the chance to compete for money and top prizes in competitive FUT. In FIFA 19, winning 27+ games (of the now 30 total) games in a single weekend will make you "FUT Champions Verified."

Achieving that status will give you the chance to compete in weekend-based online qualifying tournaments and from there in-person tournaments. Each live event will have multiple "Online Qualification Tournaments" for different geographic regions as well. These tourneys are said to be "a combination of Swiss and Single Elimination formats."

Winning Live Events is where the real points are, as winning a Licensed Qualifying Event would be worth the same as winning 27+ Weekend League games 85 times (850 points), winning a FUT Champions Cup's worth almost double that at 1500 points and then winning your console's Playoff worth even more at 1800 points.

The top 60 eligible players on both PS4 and Xbox One will earn a spot in the FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs. The Playoff will be the last shot to earn points for the FIFA eWorld Cup. After which, the top 16 players in point totals in each console will book their ticket to the FeWC, where FIFA 19's grand champion will be crowned.

The change to the 30-game format all but foreshadowed a switch like this, but it's interesting to see the exact structure taking the place of the previous. With points awarded for winning 20+ games every weekend in the Weekend League, while it's hard to imagine someone making the Global Series Playoffs through WL alone, it's conceivable that those wins will ultimately shape the seeding order and could be the tiebreaker between some of the last playoff/FeWC seats and those that don't make it.

What do you think of the changes to FUT Champions -- and the Weekend League in particular? Which pro do you favor to go all the way given this year's gameplay and competitive structure changes?

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